1. What do you do? I’m _____ student.

  2. We _____ live in a flat.

  3. We don’t have _____ butter.

  4. It’s the _____ interesting of his films.

  5. Are you _____ for one or two weeks?

  6. Stephen _____ to visit his parents.

  7. I don’t _____ getting up early.

  8. We _____ work in that factory.

  9. He said that most problems _____ by teenagers.

  10. If we get up in time, _____ catch the train.

  11. Tam Cam is always one of the famous _____ that many children read today.

  12. the princess hoped one day to mary a _____ prince

  13. He was tired that he fell _____ during the lecture.

  14. He is a _____. He always works in the lab.

  15. Mary's an excellent student and her parents are always proud _____ her.


  1. What is the writer's favorite subject?

  2. What does History provide us with?

  3. Why don't many pupils like History?.

  4. According to the text, what kind of books does the writer have in his/her house?

  5. What does the writer want to say?


  1. what is the man buying for his lunch?

  2. When is Maria's party?

  3. Which postcard does the woman choose?

  4. How much does the woman pay for DVD?

  5. What did the girl leave at Ben's flat?